Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers provide an excellent solution if you are looking to enhance your smile. They are a popular cosmetic treatment because of their overall effectiveness and ease of use.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are great if you’re experiencing crowding problems, chipped teeth, worn down teeth or have areas of stained teeth. Veneers are thin shells that are placed on the front surface of the teeth to enhance their appearance—they will hide any noticeable flaws and help the teeth appear straight and even.

The shade of veneers can be adjusted to your tooth color and they are applied with minimal discomfort. Dental veneers are strong and durable and will last for many years before they require replacement or repairs.

Every set of dental veneers is custom-designed based on your needs—so you get the results you want. This means we will make two appointments with you, the first to take impressions of your teeth and the second to apply and adjust the veneers to your teeth.

Illustration showing a row of dental veneers being placed on the front of teeth
  • What are dental veneers?

    Dental veneers can correct chips, stains, and even deeply discolored teeth. They can also alter the length and size of teeth, or help teeth that seem rotated to suddenly appear straight.

    They are incredibly thin shells that are applied on the front surfaces of your teeth. Depending on the style of veneers, the teeth may be prepped first by removing a small amount of enamel. Once installed, the veneers can cover noticeable flaws to make adjustments to alignment. They can also adjust the thickness of them to improve spacing.

    They are very easy to apply, requiring preparation of the teeth and then securing in place with a strong dental adhesive.

    Dental veneers provide a highly conservative approach to esthetic smile makeovers and repairing bad teeth.

  • Can you whiten dental veneers?

    The materials used in dental veneers aren’t easily affected by staining agents. Most of the time, only surface stains are present. These can be removed by brushing your veneers with a gentle polishing toothpaste or by visiting your dentist to have them cleaned with professional polish. If your veneers have deep staining, then you’ll need to replace them as teeth whitening gels and laser treatments don’t work on dental veneers.

  • How should I take care of my dental veneers?

    You don’t need to alter your oral hygiene routine in order to take care of your dental veneers. Regularly brushing your teeth, flossing, and using an antiseptic mouthwash works as well for veneers as it does for your natural teeth.

    For your dental veneers to last as long as possible, your dentist may recommend you avoid stain-causing foods such as coffee, red wine, and blueberries. You’ll also want to limit habits such as smoking and chewing on ice and hard candies. Smoking can cause discoloration and chewing on ice and hard candies can cause chips or cracks to form.

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