Normandy Lake Dentistry at Lakewood

Normandy Lake Dentistry at Lakewood

Our Lakewood office location in Jacksonville, FL provides dental care done differently. We provide dentistry in a relaxing environment where you'll receive the highest level of care. We put our patients first and we believe this is what sets us apart from other dental offices. We proudly also server the surrounding communities of San Jose, Miramar, Englewood, and Sans Souci.

Doctors at the Lakewood Location

Dr. Sarah Danser


Dr. Danser plans to build honest and reliable relationships with her patients. She wants her patients to know that she is accountable and passionate about what she does, all while feeling that they can trust her with their dental needs.

dr marquez of normandy lake dentistry

Dr. Stephanie Marquez


Dr. Stephanie Marquez knows that everyone’s smile journey is different, so she doesn’t judge her patients. She understands the fear and anxiety that comes with going to the dentist, so she tries to get to the root of her patients’ fears so they can work through it together.

dr ruchi patel of normandy lake dentistry

Dr. Ruchi Patel

Dr. Ruchi Patel is a first-generation Indian-American. Her parents immigrated from Gujarat, India in the 80s. Dr. Patel always knew she wanted to serve in the health field since she loved the patient-doctor interaction. She found the perfect blend of science and art in the dental field. 

Dr. Tony Farha

Dr. Farha is a highly accomplished dental surgeon. He has been featured on news outlets for his work on dental implants and has been voted one of the 2010 Top Dental Speakers.

Dr. Valiente of Lakewood Dentistry in Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Esteban Valiente

Dr. Valiente has never out grown his passion for helping patients achieve optimal oral health and loves the process of designing someone’s new smile knowing the impact it will have on their life.

Meet The Team

usama of normandy lake dentistry


Dental Hygienist

karla of normandy lake dentistry


Dental Hygienist

angie of normandy lake dentistry


Dental Hygienist

Dental Services at Normandy Lake Dentistry at Lakewood

Normandy Lake Dentistry at Lakewood

Specialty Dental Services

We offer numerous preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services at our Lakewood office but we pride ourselves on our expertise in we have in specialty dental services to meet the needs of our patients and our community. These specialties include:

Outstanding Dentistry. Flexible Financing.

At Normandy Lake Dentistry at Lakewood, our goal is to ensure you get the dental care that you need, when you need it, without any financial restrictions. We offer a variety of dental financing options, accept most major insurance providers, and have an in-house dental savings plan for those without insurance. Get the dental care you deserve without breaking the bank. Each Normandy Lake Dentistry location offers the same financing options including accepted insurance, dental savings plans, and third-party payment alternatives. Explore all of our dental financing options using the link below.

Financial & Insurance Information

Dental Insurance

We are happy to accept numerous insurance companies including Aetna, Cigna, Humana, MetLife, Principal, and more. We also accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover. Contact our Henrietta office for specific costs, post-insurance, and information on what's covered under your insurance plan.

See All Insurance Providers

No Dental Insurance?

If you don't have dental insurance—we have a solution for you! Normandy Lake Dentistry offers an affordable dental savings plan where you get your preventative dental care for a low, monthly cost. Get the dental care your family needs for an affordable rate, all without worrying about yearly maximums or meeting a deductible.

Dental Savings Plan

Third-Party Payment

Our office works with CareCredit® as an alternative payment option for our patients to cover their dental care expenses. Create a payment plan that works for your family. The application process is efficient and simple.

External Payment Plans

Family-Friendly Dental Experience.

Our Lakewood location, also serving the surround communities of San Jose, Miramar, Englewood, and Sans Souci, offers a family-friendly dental experience for your entire family. We are a one-stop shop for all dental services ranging from regular dental checkups, dental implants and teeth whitening. Learn more about Normandy Lake Dentistry using the button below.

Learn More About Normandy Lake Dentistry

A young patient using an iPad in the waiting room of Normandy/Lakewood Dentistry in Jacksonville, Florida

Normandy Lake Dentistry at Lakewood

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