Dr. Nelson L. Chen

The Professional Side

Dr. Nelson L. Chen is a dedicated Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who prioritizes patient-centered care. Born and raised in Taiwan, Dr. Chen later moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he earned his Bachelors of Science degree from McMaster University, followed by his Masters degree and DMD from the University of British Columbia.

After 10 years of distinguished service as a Dental Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, Dr. Chen pursued further specialization at UConn Health, where he completed an integrated 6-year residency program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. During this time, he obtained his MD degree and a 2-year ACGME accredited Certificate of Completion in General Surgery.

Dr. Chen’s rigorous and comprehensive surgical residency provided him with extensive training in oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as general surgery. He has managed critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit, provided consultations and emergency treatments for craniomaxillofacial and general trauma patients, and received specialized training in plastic surgery and transcranial surgery for craniofacial congenital deformities. As a mid-level consultant in the Trauma service at Hartford Hospital, a Level 1 trauma center in Connecticut, Dr. Chen gained significant experience in trauma care. Additionally, his residency included extensive anesthesia training, equipping him with a wide range of sedative techniques and options for his patients.

Dr. Chen’s extensive training and experience allow him to take a holistic approach to dental surgical care. He understands the importance of considering each patient’s overall medical history and conditions when planning surgical interventions in the oral and maxillofacial region. Passionately advocating for his patients, Dr. Chen focuses on providing the most comprehensive and well-rounded surgical treatment plans.

Dr. Chen is certified in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS). He is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese, and is working on improving his Spanish.

Dr. Nelson Chen

The Personal Side

Outside of his professional life, Dr. Chen enjoys camping, especially cherishing peaceful moments with his wife and daughter in the comfort of their tent during rain or snow. He has a genuine interest in food and makes it a mission to try different cuisines locally or when visiting.

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